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Mission Statement

Highland Park Ratepayers Association (HPRA) is a community based association dedicated to improving the quality of life of the Highland Park community.



The Highland Park Ratepayers Association (HPRA) is the community association of Highland Park community.   The main objectives of the HPRA are to represent the community in matters or issues that affect the community as well as to organize, participate or support initiatives related to the community.  The HPRA closely interacts with the city of Ottawa, usually through the councilor of our ward (Kitichissipi). 

The Highland Park community is bordering the McKellar Park community to its west, and Westboro community to its east.  The boundaries of the Highland Park community are: North - Richmond Road, SouthCarling Ave., EastGolden Ave, and West Denbury Ave (see map).

HPRA Objectives

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Board of Directors


The HPRA board consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and 10 board members.  All people who are members of the board of directors are volunteers and are members of the Highland Park community.  The following links shows that current board Of directors.

What Can the HPRA Do For You

  The HPRA represents the Highland Park community.  The association interacts with the city on matters related to the community such as traffic, community vision, advisory committees, etc.  




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